Tommy Mierzwinski, Two Jacks Denim

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Tommy Mierzwinski, Two Jacks Denim

24th and Broadway, Oakland |

Craft: photo of Tommy Mierzwinski, Two Jacks Denim

What does your business offer and why should people check it out?
All and only U.S.-made men’s clothing and accessories, specializing in artisanal denim. People should check us out if they want well-made, small batch clothing that is timeless and will stand the test of time. Less is more.

Why did you choose Oakland?
I moved to Oakland in 2004, and love this town. Contributing to its renaissance and keeping the Oakland vibe (openness, diversity, culture and protest) alive.

What are a few of your favorite businesses in downtown Oakland? Why?
This is tough to say. How about all of them? You’ll often see me at Red Bay Coffee Box, Farley’s, Drexel, Miss Ollie’s, Xolo, Beer Revolution because I enjoy eating and drinking at places where the owners and workers are passionate about their work and engaged in the community. A special shout-out to Ari at Viscera who is an irrepressible, indefatigable dynamo and supporter of locally owned businesses.

Craft: photo of Two Jacks Denim
Craft: photo of Tommy Mierzwinski, Two Jacks Denim
“My inspiration for Two Jack Denim was: jeans as a true American icon that will never go out of style, creating an authentic menswear shop, and promoting American-made goods. And telling the stories of the makers behind the brands, who are passionate about what they create.”
Where’s the best spot to catch live music in Oakland? Why?
New Parish because it’s small and books eclectic acts.

Who’s your favorite Oakland-based visual artist or performer?
Fantastic Negrito, Fracas, Jill McLellan

Do you partner with local suppliers/craft people/artists? Why?
Absolutely. We carry locally made products, such as Guro Designs, Ferrario Made Goods and Shaabi Denim, and artwork by Bloom Press, Jill McLellan, and a huge pair of selvedge jeans hanging from the ceiling by our master tailor, Anthony Ferrario.

Craft: photo of Two Jacks Denim