Jazz at The Sound Room in Oakland

The Sound Room Oakland Jazz



A community supported live music venue dedicated to jazz, R&B and world music presented in an intimate listening room. We feature the best from the region, the nation and the world.

Q. What inspired you to start your business?
We had been hiring bands for our own private events for almost 20 years. We eventually started a monthly house concert series that presented live jazz for almost 4 years. We quickly realized how few decent venues were available for professional musicians and how little the bands got paid. We decided to search for a location where we could support music with a room designed for attentive audiences. We signed a lease on our current spot almost 5 years ago and opened November ’12. We have steadily improved the space but have been very frugal. We have a core of volunteer helpers that make it possible to present over 150 shows a year.

Q. Tell us in one sentence why your customers love your business?
Great music presented in an intimate venue which respects musicians.

Q. What’s the best thing about doing business in Oakland?
The vibe of the changing downtown/uptown district. The city, county and state agencies have been good to us but have not contributed any financial support.

Q. What are some of your favorite local businesses in Oakland?
The Octopus

Q. What’s the one thing Oakland offers that you couldn’t live without?
A community of music lovers who buy tickets and world class musicians who perform.

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