468 8th St. Oakland Ca 94607
Number of years in Oakland: 10 years

We offer traditional Mexican cuisine that represents the different states of Mexico with flavors from street food to classic cultural recipes.

From Alfonso & Gloria Dominguez

Q: What inspired you to start your business?
We were inspired to represent true traditional Mexican cuisine. We knew that Mexican food wasn’t represented at the time we opened. We were also inspired to bring a new business to a neighborhood that has great history and people.

Q: Tell us in one sentence why your customers love your business.
They love that it is owned by a family and, of course, the food!

Q: What’s the best thing about doing business in Oakland?
We feel the best thing about doing business in Oakland is that we feel a part a community. We feel the local love and support from our customers. We have had loyal customers since we opened and that means a lot to us.

Q: What are some of your favorite local businesses in Oakland?
That is an impossible question to answer but if I had to answer it would be businesses owned by families that live and work in Oakland like us:)

Q: What’s the one thing Oakland offers that you couldn’t live without?
I love its grittiness to be honest

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