Andrzej Art Piece at SLATE Art.


473 25th Street

SLATE Art is a boutique creative firm. They exhibit and sell the work of their favorite artists armed with their in-depth knowledge of contemporary art, as well as an interest in curating, architecture, and interior design.

What does your business offer and why should people check it out?
The mission of SLATE Art is to create opportunities for people to live, work, and engage with art that delights and stimulates the mind and senses, inspires creativity and innovation, and expresses our clients’ individual taste and values. People should check out SLATE’s gallery for curated shows and come to SLATE for art consulting needs.

What inspired you to start your business? Why did you choose Oakland?
SLATE contemporary gallery was founded in Oakland in 2009, and SLATE Art Consulting in 2013. These positions allow SLATE to develop relationships with artists all over the Bay Area, to curate over sixty-five temporary exhibitions in both gallery and office environments, to advise both commercial and private clients regarding permanent acquisitions, and sales at auction.

What are a few of your favorite businesses in downtown Oakland? Why?
Kuhl Frames + Art is one of our favorite businesses for custom framing because of their amazing attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of archival issues and environment. We love seeing fine and functional art together so Marion + Rose is another favorite as they have great taste and a deep commitment to the local community.

Do you partner with local suppliers / craft people / artists? Why?
Yes, because local arts are important to us as a business!

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