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PIC Oakland 2017 Photo Contest

PIC Oakland Photo Contest 2017 is a month-long event accepting photo submissions of anything Oakland from local amateur and professional artists. Created by Shift Local, who advocates for consumers to support indie, locally-owned businesses, we’ve teamed up with local businesses Gondola Servizio, Panorama Framing and Bay Area Custom Prints to provide a unique opportunity for the contest’s Top 10 Finalists to have their winning photo or “pic” professionally printed and framed to be showcased at the PIC Oakland Exhibition that consists of Oakland Galleries: Oakstop, The Flight Deck, Panorama Framing, the 3rd floor at Oakland City Hall and more!

Q. What was the inspiration behind the event?
April Quinn, the owner of Gondola Servizio approached her friends Marc and Mari of Shift Local to create a photo contest to lead up to a book signing event for This Is Oakland by Melissa Davis. Our vision was to create a photo contest accessible to everyone who loves taking pictures and have an opportunity to get their photo featured in an exhibition. We also saw this as an opportunity to engage local businesses to support the local arts community.

Q. What do attendees love most about the event?
All participants love seeing the gallery of Oakland photos accumulated during the contest event.

Q. Do you have any insider tips for people attending the event?
Trust your eye for beauty. You’re sharing your lens of how you see the world so it’s a one-of-a-kind perspective.

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