The Oakland Symphony

The Oakland Symphony, Youth Orchestra and Chorus bring together orchestral music, choral music and youth education to strengthen the Oakland/East Bay community.

What does your business offer and why should people check it out?
We offer classical and symphonic music not only “for” Oakland, but “of” Oakland’s diverse communities.

What inspired you to start your business? Why did you choose Oakland?
The desire to celebrate inclusion and diversity through classical music.

What are a few of your favorite businesses in downtown Oakland? Why?
The Paramount Theatre – beautiful, historic, great shows.
The Port Bar– friendly, local, community.
The Uptown Nightclub – intimate live shows.

What inspires you to go to work everyday?
Our mission – to make classical and symphonic music available to all, especially those who might not normally be exposed to it.

Do you have any advice for people looking to start a business in Oakland?
Develop a mission around how your business will contribute and enhance the Oakland diaspora and use that as your guide.

What do you love most about community in Oakland?
A sense of togetherness and focus to preserve and enhance Oakland’s rich culture.

What must-see spots are within walking distance to you?
Lake Merritt, statutes in Kaiser Park.

What’s your favorite Nightlife/Cultural destination in Downtown Oakland? Why?
I like the Port Bar for it’s sense of community.

Where’s the best spot to catch live music Oakland? Why?
The Paramount Theatre, it’s beautiful and historic.

Who’s your favorite Oakland-based visual artist or performer?
Michael Morgan, Music Director and Conductor of Oakland Symphony.

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