Kev Choice

“I grew up in Oakland and always wanted to create environments and atmosphere for community to gather and be inspired by good music. Spaces where people from all demographics of our diversity can gather, feel comfortable and have a great time.”

What do you offer as an artist and performer?
I perform high quality music and provide enlightening entertainment for events in Oakland, the Bay Area, and beyond.

What do you love most about community in Oakland?
I love the resilience, the strength, the pride, the awareness, the diversity, and culture.

Craft: Kev Choice photo
Craft: Kev Choice photo
Do you have any advice or people looking to make it in the arts and entertainment scene in Oakland?
I would just say connect with the people around you as much as possible. Learn about the culture, the people, the traditions. Also, look for ways to give back to those less fortunate and allow your business to bring a place of love and support to all.

What are a few of your favorite businesses in downtown Oakland? Why?
I love OSA because it’s a great school and the kids there are so incredibly talented. I love the Fox because of the amazing shows they have and it’s a dope place to perform. I love Liege because it’s an awesome environment to have a drink, meet with friends, and they often have great live music. My fave spots to eat are Catered to You, Kingston 11, and Camber.