Feelmore Adult Gallery


1703 Telegraph Avenue
Number of years in Oakland: 5

Feelmore Adult Gallery is a unique retail store that offers: artwork, vintage books & magazines, unique adult themed collectible items as well as traditional sought after pleasure products.

From owner, Nenna Joiner

Q: What inspired you to start your business?
I was inspired to start Feelmore as a way to play to all the senses of love and not just through the body. As our motto says,”It’s More Than Just Sex.” People wanted to be understood, not judged, and nurtured all the while they are buying any of our products. Feelmore offers this & more!

Q: Tell us in one sentence why your customers love your business.
Our Clients love our business b/c it isn’t just about sex but life which we should Feelmore about!

Q: What’s the best thing about doing business in Oakland?
We consider Feelmore a luxury boutique of which Oakland has very, very few. Cultivating a community around service and quality is, for us, the best thing about doing business in Oakland.

Q: What are some of your favorite local businesses in Oakland?
Our favorite local businesses are in the Piedmont area: Piedmont Cafe (consistent food at reasonable prices), Issues (newspaper/magazines from around the globe), and Book zoo (vintage & collectible books w/ a smile).

Q: What’s the one thing Oakland offers that you couldn’t live without?
We bike to work and our commute is made easy w/ the city’s bicycle master plan. #BikeLanes

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