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JahniahOmi Bahari:

Multi fauceted musician, poet, sound healer, singer/songwriter, producer, dancer/choreographer, photographer, fashion designer and medicine woman.

The Rasta style Flower-child of Oakland. Goddaughter of Black Roots.

I heal and share healing through art expression. Sound and visual movement are my two primary mediums. I experiment with sound frequencies and focus on giving the audience a healing education session in addition to the ‘show’. My expression is Spirit and I want you to feel.

Sound fusions of ethereal psychedelic vibrations soulful voicings of jazz and reggae, spiritual, Black Roots, deep folk. Heavy multi-instrumental mix with electronic effect. Poetry in motion…


Coming back to my roots in Oakland was the best way for my arts and Life to flourish in general. I started my healing journey through embracing creative arts again, especially my dance  and music. I began teaching dance at my old middle Ascend. I found The Oakland Mind Cyphers and started diving into the music and expressing myself more communally. I became more inspired to do healing art/spiritwork within the community manifesting a healing circle for sistren empowerment called (the WOMBS) Women of the Mind Body and Soul: Spiritually Ascending. Through my spirit work I’ve connected with so many powerful healers and have become passionately active for Human Rights, the abolishment of Human Trafficking and cultivating healing  for all aspects of Oakland, especially our youth.

I love Oakland and my people; we are faithful people and share a deep purpose . My dream is to share our struggle and strength to the world and intentionally utilize my art as an educational multi dimensional healing experience… giving Jah all the thanks and praises always. You all have grown and elevated Me, and now’s the time to shine light in continuum.

JahniahOmi, Blessed to Love and Blessed to be. Living in Overstanding of Virtuosity Eternally. Love conquers all. Asè

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Associated Projects:

Os Cocos
Satya Love
Afoxé Black
Daktari Dance Medicine

The Oakland Mind


Oct 09 2019


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


The Hive
2335 Broadway, Oakland, CA, USA

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