Oakland Faders on Ice

December 15, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Old Oakland Holiday Ice Rink
806 Washington St
Oakland, CA 94607
Oakland Faders on Ice @ Old Oakland Holiday Ice Rink | Oakland | California | United States

The Oakland faders invade Old Oakland Holiday Ice Rink Saturday, December 15th with infectious rhythms and grooves!


DJ Platurn

A 24 year veteran of the music industry, Platurn has traveled the world many times over bringing phenomenal music to multiple corners of the globe. With a client list that includes Red Bull, Toyota, Pandora, Adidas, Pixar, Monster Cable, MTV, Rane, and the Golden State Warriors to name just a few, he’s built a reputation as a tastemaker with vision and a sense of community and in turn preserving crucial aspects of DJ and music culture. Founder of the Oakland Faders and The 45 Sessions, the man is just getting started.

Joe Quixx

In the East Bay alone, there are as many different styles of DJing as there are kinds of music. In any given week, you can hear rockabilly, punk, techno, drum ‘n’ bass, downtempo, electro, classic R&B, funk, old-school hip-hop, current radio hits, neo-soul, dancehall reggae, dub, indie rock, bhangra, reggaeton, lounge jazz, Afro-Cuban son, Brazilian samba, or Armenian folk — maybe even at the same club. But to be a true mix master, you need both an awesome collection and an understanding of how to put records together seamlessly in a set. Turntablist skills can help or hinder — most folks would rather hear a perfectly blended progression of danceable records than a perfectly executed scratch-and-beat-juggle segment over a repetitive breakbeat. Of course, if you offer a good selection of music and can work in turntable tricks without disturbing the groove, you’re a mix master. And if you’ve done it consistently for ten-plus years, you’re a legend — like Joe Quixx. Having cut his teeth on the original Wake-Up Show and countless local clubs and house parties, the Quixxster now holds court Wednesday evenings at Oakland’s low-profile dive bar, the Golden Bull, where he gives faithful devotees the ’80s and ’90s flashbacks they crave, with no hangover whatsoever. Hearing Quixx mix, you know you’re in the presence of a cat who knows his music inside and out.


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