Downtown Wine Merchants

150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Number of years in Oakland: 1

We are a Wine Bar & Retail Shop specializing in European & Domestic small producers, practicing as natural and hands off wine making as possible. Our menu is inspired by what the farmers around us are growing and what we can make from that. Our food is served all day featuring house made, organic & humanely raised food.

Q. What inspired you to start your business?
A 20 year old passion for small production wine and local food.

Q. Tell us in one sentence why your customers love your business.
Our guests love the comfortable space, the amazing food, our knowledge of wine and the warm service.

Q. What’s the best thing about doing business in Oakland?
The best, most easy going, unpretentious clientele in the entire Bay Area, including wine country!

Q. What are some of your favorite local businesses in Oakland?
Cross Burger, Oaklandish, Betti Ono Gallery. Longitude

Q. What’s the one thing Oakland offers that you couldn’t live without?
The people of Oakland

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