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Do Business

Downtown Oakland provides both employees and businesses with all the essential amenities, a unique flavor, and let’s face it, the best weather. What more could you ask for? According to SPUR, Oakland is expected to add 85,260 new jobs from 2010 to 2040, representing 45% growth. Because Downtown Oakland is a hub of art, culture, fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and open space it is an ideal place for your business. The newest generation of skilled labor is looking for an exciting and vibrant place to call home and with the median home price in Oakland half of that of neighboring San Francisco, Downtown Oakland is that place!

Situated at the geographic center of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland is the largest of the East Bay cities. Downtown Oakland benefits from immediate access to rail, air, sea, and freeway transportation as well as 19 miles of coastline to the west, and magnificent rolling hills to the east. Downtown Oakland is a unique and beautiful setting in a central location that houses a variety of businesses from eclectic retail boutiques to non-profits and green tech.

Oakland’s progressive culture and lots of growing businesses are just two of the reasons Oakland ranked 5th in a recent list of happiest cities in the U.S. according to (top 10 for employee happiness, too by Kununu) and 15th on’s list of super cool cities in the U.S.!

Now that you’re ready to start, grow, or relocate your business to Downtown Oakland, you need to plug into all of the tremendous resources the Town has to offer!

Find your space

If you are interested in moving your business to Downtown Oakland, there are a variety of spaces available, but one thing is certain – coworking is how Oakland does business! Downtown Oakland has many coworking spaces to choose from – Impact HUB Oakland, Oakstop, or the Port Workspaces with their flexible workspaces, rooftop terrace, commercial co-working kitchen, conference facilities, a bar and lounge, event space and amenities galore. You may never want to leave! For help finding just the right spot to open your new retail business reach out to a local specialist at the City or a local retail broker.