Adorable Energy – Healing & Coaching

Looking to relieve stress?

Adorable Energy offers quality alternative healing/coaching services for stressed out urban dwelling professionals, leaders in service-oriented industries, and nonprofits. People new to astrology, tarot, energy healing sessions and those seasoned both benefit from gaining new perspectives, clearing and grounding their energy, and assistance with moving their lives into a new direction.

What inspired you to start your business? Why did you choose Oakland?
For over a decade, I taught health and wellness to youth and adults all across the Bay Area, and realized that true health comes from the inside out. When you gain awareness of who you are and make life decisions in alignment with love, then you can live a happier life in alignment with your path. It is my desire to bring empowering healing support to Oakland and the greater Bay Area.

What are a few of your favorite businesses in downtown Oakland? Why?
I love the family owned Afghani restaurant across the street from my business,Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House. I met them the first week I moved in and they were so friendly and loving. The food is amazing as well!

What inspires you to go to work everyday?
The thought that my service provides genuine healing support that can radiate out into my community is spectacular. We are all connected, and when people are beaming with joy, it infects everyone around.

Do you have any advice for people looking to start a business in Oakland?
I myself have received a lot of resources for starting my business from Oakland Impact Hub and Centro Business training. If you are starting from scratch, having experienced coaching can make a huge difference in helping you better manage your time and energy.

What do you love most about community in Oakland?
I consistently witness transformation of the U.S emerging first from Oakland. We are the spiritual, artistic, social justice hub of our nation. People walk around wearing these identities of change proudly is awe inspiring and shapes my work for the better.

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Downtown Oakland? Why?
Compared to SF the entire Downtown Oakland is a hidden gem.

Do you partner with local suppliers / craft people / artists? Why?
I partner all the time with local businesses and events to lead rituals and workshops on energy healing. Collaboration creates so much more awareness as I get to connect with new audiences and bring my following into new spaces.

What must-see spots are within walking distance to you?
Clearly everyone who visits or lives here MUST frequent Lake Merritt. It’s like the heart of Oakland.

What’s your favorite Nightlife/Cultural destination in Downtown Oakland? Why?
First Friday is a monthly event that I enjoy frequently. The event brings out all of the diversity within the crowds, musical artists, vendors, food, etc.

What are your favorite things to do in Oakland? Why?
Hands down my favorite place to visit is the Redwood Regional Park. I feel there’s no place that’s more important than nature. I go there often to clear my head and breath in fresh energy.

Where’s the best spot to catch live music Oakland? Why?
Over the years I’ve enjoyed the quality music from the The New Parish.

Who’s your favorite Oakland-based visual artist or performer?
My favorite Oakland-based group is actually the Thrive Choir. They sing amazing spiritual, social justice songs at the Thrive monthly gathering and have a street choir that sings at protests and demonstrations. I love Thrive East Bay.

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