Uptown/Downtown & Chamber Open House

November 2015 | EVENTS

1722 Broadway
December 3, 2015 – 4:30 p.m.

Local businesses please come and join Lions Center for the Blind (LCB) as we celebrate a move to our new location. Our Center brings an array of services and products to the business community.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the event?
LCB is an organization has been rooted in the East Bay-Oakland for over seven decades, providing quality of life services to nine Bay Area counties. For the past several years we have been expanding our reach into the business community by providing quality employment training services, qualified employment candidates and business (braille embossed) products.

Q. Tell us in one sentence why attendees love the event.
Any business interested in a genuinely integrated business, workplace, and community should attend the event

Q. What’s the best thing about holding the event in Oakland?
This is where we’ve provided our fundamental quality of life services for more than seven decades, Oakland is where we call home!

Q. Does your event partner with local businesses in Oakland?
Oakland partners with local businesses and academic institutions

Q. What’s the one thing Oakland offers that makes it the best place for your event?
Oakland has always been a city that is proactive and progressive

Q. What is the one thing you want everyone to know about this event?
We will provide center tours, briefly discuss the opportunities that our organization can provide local businesses and ways that we can partner! Raffle drawing for a signed Golden State Warriors Harrison Barnes Photo

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