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Q. What got you started in the wine world?
I was curious about wine makers of color, their backstory and why they started crafting wines. I started writing a blog about my experiences and what I discovered in my wine adventures. After a while my readers wanted more so I decided to have my readers join me and become a part of my discoveries.

Q.How many wineries in Oakland are a part of your tour?
There are five wineries all within walking distance in the Jack London Square area. There are approximately a total of 10 wineries in Oakland.

Q.Which wineries are part of the Urban tour?
Jeff Cohn
Cerruti Cellars
Urban Legend Cellars

Q.What made you select Oakland for the Urban Wine Tour?
I lived in Oakland for 20 years becoming very familiar with the market. I wanted stay with what I was knew as well as what spoke to my brand of comfortable, approachable environments for wine lovers and novices.

Q.How long have you been conducting wine tours and wine events in Oakland?
5 years

Q.What is the average cost for one of your tours?
The Urban Wine Tour ranges $25-$35 including a light lunch and wine tasting at the first stop. For larger tours, prices range $99 – $1,000+ which are usually overnight or out of state tours for instance, Chicago, Paso Robles, and an upcoming trip to Paris.

Q.What would you say is unique about your tour that is different than the Napa/Sonoma area?
First of all, it is a walking tour which cannot been done in Napa/Sonoma, Livermore, or other well known winery areas. Secondly, the people who take this tour are fun, they make connections with one another as well as become family. I set the vibe from the beginning of the tour where we all share a light lunch together getting to know each other before we head out to our first stop. What can be better than food, wine, and friends having a good time together.

Q.Do you have a favorite?
On the tours, Cerruti Cellars is a favorite because everyone has a good time, the wine is great which usually someone ends purchases a bottle of wine. It is also a great space for gatherings and events.

Q.Which winery epitomizes the feel of Oakland?
Urban Legend, as it is one of the original Oakland wineries and the owners are locals.

Q.What else does Sip and Swirl Events offer?
Our events include everything from intimate in-home or office wine tastings/dinners and wine festivals to extravagant international travel and concierge wine services.
Private wine tours, corporate, public and private events are also available.

Q.Upcoming Events
Sunday, June 12, 2016 Urban Vine Festival – Impact Hub
Saturday, June 18, 2016 Urban Wine Tour – Oakland jack London Square area
For more information contact and tickets: or Sip and Swirl Events

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