Mads Tolling Last Friday Musician at Rosenblum Cellars

Music Last Friday at Rosenblum Cellars


Internationally renowned violinist and composer, Mads Tolling is a two-time Grammy Award-Winner. As a former nine year member of both Turtle Island Quartet and bassist Stanley Clarke’s band, Mads has spent most his professional life touring internationally. Mads has been a thriving force in the educational aspects of jazz and improvisation.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the event?
Music & Wine!

Q Tell us in one sentence why attendees love the event.
Wine & amazing music for free!

Q What’s the best thing about holding the event in Oakland?
Dancing in the tasting room!

Q What’s the one thing Oakland offers that makes it the best place for your event?
Wide variety of bands and fans!

Q What is the one thing you want everyone to know about this event?
Its ok to dance in the tasting room on last Fridays Music!

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