Burn Pilates Morning Club

October 2015 | ACTIVITIES

2101 Webster Street Suite 160
Monday through Friday – 6AM
Starting 12/1/2015

Burn Pilates Morning Club is Back! Returning in December, Burn Pilates Oakland is adding 6:00am weekday classes. Join our exclusive Morning Club and start your day off with a great team! Email us and sign up early to reserve your spot: burnpilates@gmail.com

Q. What was the inspiration behind the event?
We need more community involvement and want to partner with other businesses to offer Morning Classes to our clients, increase attendance, and promote other products like Marana Cafe, and Bicycle coffee.

Q. Tell us in one sentence why attendees love your class.
We know morning exercise revs metabolism, so if you hit the gym in the AM, you’ll be burning through the calories during the day while you’re taking them in instead at night while you’re asleep. The American College of Sports Medicine, says that if you’re looking to shed weight or improve overall health, studies are starting to favor the morning. ” And those who exercise in the morning have lower blood pressure throughout the day and get better sleep,”

Q. What’s the best thing about holding the event in Oakland?
The community support. Being a part of the Oakland community is a new exciting opportunity for Burn Pilates studio. Our instructors in Oakland are from the community and support the art, coffee, taco trucks and farmers markets that create the dynamic environment we all love. There is a sense of community you just can’t find anywhere else.

Q. Does your event partner with local businesses in Oakland?
Yes, we want to partner with Marana Cafe and other coffee cafes to promote local businesses. Burn Pilates has been in Oakland for 4 months and we would love to partner with local Oakland business to do future events.

Q. What’s the one thing Oakland offers that makes it the best place for your event?
Oakland offers more than we even know at this time. You can exercise at the Lake, Hike the Redwood, and eat some of the best food in the bay all within a couple miles. People are always willing to help and lift you up in this community!

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